Some Recent Wishes That Came True

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“63.8 Kg”

   Aljoscha - 28 June 2020

I am on a good way to weight 63.8 kg. My dream came true.


   Aljoscha - 07 June 2020

My wish came true today. I will drive to Northeim on 13 July 2020 to have a conversation there.

“Hafury A7 Smartphone In Black”

   Aljoscha - 24 May 2020

I will get the Hafury A7 Smartphone in black on next Tuesday.


   Aljoscha - 23 May 2020

It works. I will get the 416 euros. Thank you Dream Genie.

“Maryland Schools Are Closed”

   Julia - 07 May 2020

I didn't want to go back to school, so I made a dream to make it closes one year like the Virginia Schools. I'm so happy it came true and now I can play on my laptop like forever.

“Liver Spots”

   Aljoscha - 21 April 2020

I am so happy. My liver spots do not have to cut away.

“Wisdom Teeth”

   Aljoscha - 19 April 2020

The surgery for my wisdom teeth will be postponed on 11 June 2020. I am so happy that it will be postponed. Thank you so much.

“YGoal Cover In Black.”

   Aljoscha - 02 April 2020

I got the YGoal Cover in black. Thank you Dream Genie. I will keep you updated.

“Conocer A Angel Llacer”

   Sofia - 07 February 2020

Me gustaria que mi sueño se hiciera realidad 8 de febrero y asi olvidarme de el. También me gustaría de sea mi amigo.


   Sofia - 04 February 2020

Desde la primera vez que vi tu cara me suena dije que quería conocerle. Esto comenzo a los 13 años. Y a los 15 tuve una oportunidad y no tuve suerte espero la virgen de la macarena me de fuerzas porque se lo pedí. Quiero y sé que se me va a hacer realidad.

“Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge”

   Aljoscha - 24 December 2019

I get the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge today.

“New Friends”

   Mark - 07 December 2019

I found friends who bring a positive/chill vibe and will always bring me up when I'm feeling down and will support what I want to do with my life w/o questioning me in any way. Nor to make me feel have the feeling of being alone or abundant in life.


   Aljoscha - 04 December 2019

It works. I am so happy. Next Friday I will have a conversation about my future at my.worX.


   Jo - 25 November 2019

It worked for me. Last year I made a wish to get braces & last month I got them. It took some time but I got them. I honestly was skeptical but it worked. Thank you!

“It Works Husband Got A New Phone”

   Sarah - 12 November 2019

I wished for my husband to get a new phone and he did thanks dream genie

“New Job”

   denise - 14 October 2019

“New Job”

   denise - 28 September 2019

i wished for a new job & got 1

“My Bruise On My Right Arm.”

   Aljoscha - 03 July 2019

Yeah. I am so happy. My bruise on my right arm disappears completely. Thank you so much Dream Genie. I will keep you updated.

“Lack With Vitamin D”

   Aljoscha - 26 June 2019

I am so happy. I have no lack with vitamin D. Thank you so much Dream Genie.


   Aljoscha - 23 June 2019

I ate Persian food today.

“Six Pack”

   Aljoscha - 13 May 2019

I got a six pack.


   Anonymous - 09 May 2019

Now, my crush is making out with me.

“ My Injured Son To Get A Job. ”

   Michael - 07 May 2019

my son had an accident in 2015. and had to have bone splinters removed from his back. he had a hard time finding work that could fit his limitations. he has found a job he is fond of with a chance at heavy equipment operation. which he is trained for. thank you for all who helped!

“A1C To Get Normal”

   Michael - 07 May 2019

when I first told the Genie that I need my a1c to get lower, it was 9.2. and now it is 6.0. thank you for all that helped.


   Anonymous - 06 May 2019

I wished for a girl in my class to like me, and the day after, she aked for my email and over text, told me she had a weird feeling that he had fallen madly in love with me

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