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“Lack Of Vitamin D”

   Aljoscha - 16 April 2019

My mother has a lack of vitamin D.

“Believable ”

   Melanie - 14 April 2019

I've been reading some of the instant wishes and guys this stuff has to be realistic and stuff that can happen, wishing that you were 10 years younger or that you had a time machine is impossible because time travel or regeneration has not been invented yet or never will. It has to be something you know that will 100% work. Like getting a boyfriend, or finding your soulmate, reconciling a friendship, getting concert tickets, it also has to be a realistic time, if you know you need tickets 2 months in advance manifest it then, don't wait a day before or 2 weeks before, it won't work. This site uses the law of attraction, I advise you look it up and try some techniques along with this site. My favorites are the quantum jumping with 2 cups, scripting or the 55x5 technique


   Oleyn - 28 March 2019

Thank you so much from the buttom of my heart. I just want to say thanks alot..for making it. ????????????


   Aljoscha - 11 March 2019

I translated three languages: Russian, Greek and Romanian.

“French Food”

   Aljoscha - 08 March 2019

Today I ate French food.


   Katrina - 04 March 2019

i wished that my crush would email me back and he did. all i had to do was believe in wishes, dream about it and believed in the dream genie, i belive that dreams and wishes can come true, i hope your guys dreams come true!

“Bucks Beat LA On FNB”

   Jon - 02 March 2019

I wished for Milwaukke to beat the LA Lakers on Friday night, they just won! Thanks!

“Stone To Vegas!”

   Jon - 27 February 2019

I wished on the Trade deadline (February 25th) that the Ottawa Senators traded Mark Stone to the Vegas Golden Knights, low and behold, they DID! Thanks for helping!


   Aljoscha - 25 February 2019

I translated from German into Romanian.


   Aljoscha - 24 February 2019

My dream came true. Thank you Dream Genie.

“French Food”

   Aljoscha - 10 February 2019

Today my mother cooked French food. It was delicious. Thank you Dream Genie.


   Sonia barrera - 18 January 2019

I dream to somebody buying my car i put my car in offer up and then i came here and wished it and in less than 20 minutes somebody bought my car wow


   Aljoscha - 03 January 2019

Today I translated a sentence from German to Spanish.

“My Thumb”

   Aljoscha - 25 November 2018

My thumb heals again. I am so happy.

“Be Careful What You Wish For”

   Alex - 19 November 2018

Hello my name's Alex, I wished awhile ago on this site but the only thing I've found out is that once you ask for something you lose something in return. I wished to have my ex boyfriend Greg back for good. I promised I'd change make a better newer relationship and forget the past but sadly the only true part I got was he came back into my life and just left me hurt. This site isn't for making wishes idk what it's for anymore you have to give something to receive it in return I've tried everything I've wished prayed everything my wish is not impossible to grant dream genie he makes me happy I wished you would see that the only person who would need to change now is him he's too far gone into the darkness that swirled around him he needs me I can fix this I can help him I just wish you would have him change for the better I miss the bubbly nice guy not the stubborn bad guy I changed he can to. This site has also granted others wishes all I can tell you is that be careful what you wish for I'm the Alex that wrote already in this forum but to save you from my misshap don't wish for something you can never have when somethings gone it's gone. Unless you let it rest and you get it back. Best regards, Alex

“My Wish Came True”

   Aljoscha - 08 November 2018

My wish was that I want to eat French food. The wish should be fulfill on 12th December 2018. But today (8th November 2018) I walked through the city and saw a French market. Thank you so much Dream Genie.

“A Wish Came True..buttt”

   Nik - 24 October 2018

I wished for a scorpio woman to come in my life to love. I got my wish unfortunately. Even around the date estimated. We almost got married. She was hell. Be careful and be specific with your wish. This works.

“Im Waiting ”

   Nicole from America - 09 September 2018

I put my wish in oct 7 for my princess led wand grant me desires.

“It Actually Worked Wth”

   samantha - 29 August 2018

SO, i was kinda stressed and sad, so I asked for a snowstorm to cancel the school day. The next day, it worked! There was a snowstorm, for the next 2 days!

“Ronda Rousey Won ”

   Nicole - 20 August 2018

Ronda rousey won the raw women champion against alexa Bliss my wish come true

“I Got Accepted ”

   Jasmine - 17 July 2018

I got into Florida Cyber Charter Academy they switched me into a different district and I finally got accepted into the school after 5 weeks of rejecting my documents and putting me on the wait list everything finally paid off :)

“Best Wish Ever”

   Alex - 13 June 2018

I got my ex of 1 year and 6 months back. so happy.


   Sally - 03 June 2018

I wished for mom to make some chocolate chip cookies using the instant wish button, mom wasn't the one who made them, but she was the one who bought them at the store, my sister was the one who made them, but who cares? I still got what I was really after, cookies! And not just cookies, but my favorite kind of cookies! Chocolate chip cookies! :D I'm so happy! Thanks, Dream Genie! :) you're the best!

“French Girl”

   Aljoscha - 26 May 2018

I saw a French girl in the bakery.

“Passed My Ne Quiz”

   Kira Kira - 16 May 2018

Yesterday I wrote the wish down of passing my Ne quiz with flying colours because I failed and today my teacher came and told me that I passed my Ne quiz already I don’t have to redo the second time it’s magical but I didn’t passed with flying colours why? Genie please answer

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